Towing Regulations

Most people nowadays once they have passed their driving test don’t realise that in certain areas there are still restrictions on what they can do. These restrictions don’t just mean that you can’t drive buses and heavy goods vehicles without doing another specialised test, they apply to towing, the use of car tow bar equipment and setting up 5th wheel hitches as well. Here is information on these restrictions and also about the test and finding a suitable person to retrain you if necessary. Click the link forĀ santa clara towing

These restrictions differ depending on when you sat and passed your driving test as laws and test requirements have changed hugely in the last 20 years with much tighter legal requirements and much tougher tests with additions being made it every year in either the practical or theory test. For people who sat and passed a car test before the 11th of January 1997 they can legally tow weights up to a maximum of 8.25 tonnes, this is total weight or maximum authorised mass, MAM for short. MAM is the combined total weight of the towing vehicle plus whatever is being towed including trailer or caravan weight and the contents. Also you may also drive a minibus with a trailer attached.

Passing a test after the 11th January 1997 or on it means you have more restrictions as to what you can tow on your licence. The maximum authorised weight for you is lowered down to 3.5 tonnes, again this is total weight of towing vehicle, towed vehicle or trailer and all its contents. Another factor of limitation is that the weight of the towed load cannot exceed the unloaded weight of the towing vehicle. Mini buses cannot be driven without sitting another driving test in the correct category.

If you require to tow more than the specified limit you must first pass another driving test, this would a groups B+E test and would be conducted by the driving standards agency, the same government body that you passed your first driving test with. This test will involve you driving safely on various roads while towing with particular regard to clearances and awareness of how you could affect other road users. You will also be required to couple and uncouple a trailer without assistance.