Really Simple Syndication

When ever we browse sites we can see hundreds of websites displaying small option down some where which is RSS 2.0 Feed or “Subscribe RSS Feed”. Some people leave it because they think it complicated some people think this is some kind of internal website tool and some people do not want to know about this. Today we shall talk about RSS Feeds and how it can be beneficial for us and for our websites. Web syndication has been used to distribute product content. Given that manufacturers as authorities and that most sales do not happen on manufacturer Web sites, best-in-class manufacturers take their best content and enable other retailers or dealers to publish the information on their sites. Highly beneficial for E-Commerce. before use this option you must know about this.

Here we start. First of all RSS meaning is Really Simple Syndication or web syndication. Web syndication means a kind of syndication in which website material is available to multiple other sites. Web syndication refers to making web feeds available from a site in order to provide other people a summary of the website’s recently added content. We can say if I have news on my website and I make a feed for others and other websites can show news of my website and this is license to show other website information content on your website. you can share critical and informative data on internet and internet social networks.

History of RSS is begin when in 1995 Ramanathan V. Guha and others in Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group developed the Meta Content Framework. it works when in 1999 when Studio One Networks produced and distributed the first series of syndicated programs designed to be distributed on the Internet for its sponsor American Honda. Now a day millions of RSS feeds you can see on websites and thousands of RSS software you can grab from net to see these feeds. We not only can share other data on our website we can also see others websites data on RSS software and we do not need to open websites again and again to check news and latest information.

Today we shall discus how RSS works, how we can use different software to see others RSS and how can we add a RSS in our website and make our website source of interesting innovative news.

RSS is based on XML which is (Extensible Mark up Language). If you do not heard about XML do not worry, we are not going to write any code in this language. I was just telling you the basic language behind this use full product. An RSS feed is an XML file that resides on a Web server and is accessible by URL.