Candle Making Molds

Eventually, most home candle makers collect a variety of candle making molds. However, a beginner doesn’t have to feel intimidated or think that they need to invest in a collection of molds to get started. In fact, almost every candle maker I know first used common household objects as candle molds before they ever bought one. Here are some ideas to get you started making molded candles without having to spend a penny on the molds themselves.

To begin there are a couple of characteristics a container should have if it’s going to serve as a candle mold. Click the link for Candle making Singapore

First, it needs to be heat resistant. You typically will be pouring wax at between 180° and 200° so you’ll need to use something that won’t soften or melt at that temperature.

Also, it needs to be strong enough to support the liquid wax. A flimsy paper container won’t be up to the task, but something like a milk carton generally will. However, even a milk carton will tend to bulge. Some candle makers use duct tape or masking tape to prevent that, or to reinforce other objects that would otherwise be unsuitable.

In general, a rigid candle mold should also either have parallel sides or will be wider at the top than it is at the bottom. This is so the candle can slide out after it’s hardened. However, this is not a rigid rule for your improvised candle molds because usually you’ll be tearing them off the finished candle rather than trying to slide the candle out. These molds 9milk cartons, etc.) are generally one-use only.

For example, a metal mold in the shape of a Yoplait yogurt container wouldn’t work – you couldn’t get the candle out the narrow opening. However, if you want to use an actual Yoplait yogurt container you could because you could tear the container off to release the candle.

Another factor to consider is whether there are any indentations or irregularities on the walls of the proposed mold. Such undercuts (as they’re referred to in the mold world) would also interfere with removing the finished candle from a rigid mold.